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Worm Stanit

Worm Stanit

Infectionname: Worm Stanit
Type: Worm
Other names:
Avira: W32/Stanit
Symantec: W32.Licum
Mcafee: W32/Gael.worm.a
Kaspersky: Virus.Win32.Tenga.a
TrendMicro: PE_TENGA.A-O
Sophos: W32/Tenga-A
VirusBuster: virus Win32.Tenga.A
Bitdefender: Win32.Gael.3666
Risk: Medium
Reported by: the [SYP] SaveYourPC Team

What is a Worm?

A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program. It uses a network to send copies of itself to other nodes (computer terminals on the network) and it may do so without any user intervention. Unlike a virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program. Worms almost always cause harm to the network, if only by consuming bandwidth, whereas viruses almost always corrupt or modify files on a targeted computer.

About Worm Stanit

When you start your system "dl.exe" will be started, this is Worm Stanit. Worm Stanit infects every ".exe" Applications on your Computer, when you dont react quickly and delete this worm and disinfect these applications. Worm Stanit can only infect ".exe" Applications, so other files can´t be infected, but don´t open any file before you disinfected your Computer, because every file needs an application to view it, and this application can be infected.

How to delete Worm Stanit?

1. Update System

It is always good to update your operating system. Outdated versions offer a very high risk of infections. You need to update your system or you can be again infected with Worm Stanit! It is not only important to have a updated operating system, the next step is also important:

2. Latest Virusscanner

For maximum protection, you should always have the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software, to reduce new risks. Often users do not know which virus scanner they should use for their security, because there are so many now available.

2a. First scan and repair with the Stanit Removal Tool Software and then scan and repair with your Anti Virus Software (recommended Avira Anti Virus)

This tool deletes the following viruses and their variants:

Worm Sober.J
Worm Sober.P
Worm Sober.Y

 => Worm Stanit

Worm NetSky.AA
Worm NetSky.B.1
Worm NetSky.C
Worm Netsky.D.Dam
Worm NetSky.P
Worm NetSky.X
Worm Mytob.IN.2
Worm Mytob.KS
Trojan Spy.Banker.AATZ
Trojan Spy.Banker.AATZ.1
Trojan Spy.Banker.AATZ.2
Trojan Spy.Banker.AATZ.3

3. Combat the virus

Now we are going to eliminate the virus


 We recommend:

Load your operating system in the Safe Mode (to load the Safe Mode in  Windows press when loading Windows F8 or click Start => Run => write "msconfig" and click "OK" then press => BOOT.INI "=> crochet at startup options" / SAFEBOOT "), and turn off the System Restore, then make full system scans. Scan all files on your system, and delete all threats found with your Antivirus (Avira Removal Tool and recommended Avira Anti Virus)  and Anti Spyware program. Then turn on the System Restore and load your operating in normal mode.

For the safety of the virus has been deleted) Download HijackThis down and do a scan with logfile, do also (if possible) a log file of your full system scans and post us to help, by forum or by e-mail to " ". CAUTION: Don´t tick and fix anything without a permit of a  specialist. There is a risk to damage your system

Search the virus/es in the folder/s where the finds were made. It should no longer be found there. If the folders are unimportant remove them. (The folder you are looking for can be hidden. To see hidden folders at Microsoft Windows click on "Tools" => Folder Options' => 'View' => "Show hidden files and folders" to tick off and on "Apply" => "OK" button)

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