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Spyware Scrapper

Spyware Scrapper

Infectionname: Spyware Scrapper
Type: Spyware, Adware, Rogue Security Programm
Other names: Spybot S&D: Spyware Scrapper
a-squared Free: Adware.Win32.Spyware Scrapper
Risk: Medium
Reported by: The [SYP] SaveYourPC Team

What is Spyware?

Spyware is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent.

How to delete Spyware Scrapper?

Informations we found out:


Websites which offer this rogue security programs are:

We recommend you to not visit these sites and to download there any software! You should block these sites!

Note: "SpyBlaster" is the same programe as "Spyware Scrapper" and it is not the right and clean Immunization program "Spyware Blaster"!

"SpyBlaster" installs it self in the same locations as "Spyware Scrapper" only  with the different name "SpyBlaster".


Spyware Scrapper is a rogue security program that shows false Warning messages. It also shows false scan results. It uses advertising and can also install through Trojan exploits.

  • It show false warnings and it can install through trojan exploits!

  • It show false scans and uses Adware!

Protection and Deletion

We recommend you to download "a-squared Free" and "Spybot S&D" and if you can´t delete an infection with these softwares download also "The Avenger".

Click here to download a-squared Free!

Click here to download Spybot S&D!

Click here to download the Avenger!  

When you have installed "a-squared Free" and "Spybot S&D" do a scan and repair all errors.

The following files and keys are part of Spyware Scrapper, you should delete them!

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Start Menu/Programs/ Software/Spyware Scrapper Demo.lnk

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Start Menu/Programs/ Software

C:/Program Files/Spyware Scrapper Demo.lnk

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Start Menu/Programs/ Software/Spyware Scrapper Demo/Spyware Scrapper Demo.lnk

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Start Menu/Programs/ Software/Spyware Scrapper Demo/

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Start Menu/Programs/ Software/Spyware Scrapper Demo/Readme-Help.lnk

C:/Program Files/Spyware Scrapper Demo/SpywareScrapperDemo.exe

C:/Program Files/Spyware Scrapper Demo/

C:/Program Files/Spyware Scrapper Demo/Localization.xml

C:/Program Files/Spyware Scrapper Demo/help.chm

[Desktop]/Spyware Scrapper Demo.lnk


and maybe this Folder will exist too:

C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Application Data/AntiSpywareDAT

This folder you maybe can´t delete with "Spybot" or "a-squared Free". So you need to use the "Avenger". If you have this folder download and install the Avenger. Run it and type in this script file:

Folders to delete:
C:/Documents and Settings/[USER]/Application Data/AntiSpywareDAT

Then activate in the Avenger "Scan for rootkits" and "Automatically disable any rootkits found". Now click "Execute" and your computer will restart and Avenger will delete this folder in the booting process.

If you can´t also delete other folders and files made by Spyware Scrapper, then use also the "Avenger" and write your own script and delete the malware like above the folder AntiSpywareDAT!

Files to delete:
[Hard Disk]:/[Malware Folder]/[Malware File]

Folders to delete:
[Hard Disk]:/[Malware Folder]

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