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Report an Infection

Your Virusscanner found a virus? Then help us to help people.
Here you can report a virus. The virus can be spyware, worm, trojan, malware, adware, ...
IMPORTANT: You can also report dangerous Websites!
We will get your request and you get an e-mail back, where we tell you how to eliminate this virus (all explained in detail).

In addition, any virus arrives later in our database, which is updated daily.
This Informations of the Virus will be included in the Database:
  • The Virusname/Website URL
  • How other Anti Virus Programms call it.
    The Virus or Website will be added in our search "Virus Knowledge Database". This is a manual virus search. There you can find all viruses we have added and important informations of any virus and if you want we write your name in the Database (if you reported a virus). For example "This virus was reported by ....". All reported dangerous websites will be added in our [SYP] Host File Installer.

This will not only help you, others too.

Our Database is under construction.
Nevertheless, you can already use this service.

Your Email address:
Your Name:
*Virusname/Website URL:
Your Virusscanner:
Do you want to add your name in the database
(if you report a virus):
Description of the Infection (if you know something else):
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