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DangerSite.Messenger Removal

Information & Removal Tutorial

Infectionname: DangerSite.Messenger
Type: Chat Client Link Spam / Worm
Other names:
Malwarebytes: IM.Worm
Risk: High (Dangerous)
Reported by: the [SYP] SaveYourPC Team


What is DangerSite.Messenger?

It is a kind of dangerous spam message and all  Windows Live Messenger, ICQ and chat messenger Users are in danger!

When someone sends you a message in MSN/WLM, ICQ or any other chat client, when he is offline, a unserious site then don´t click it, and send us please this site! Inform us with our "Report/Add a virus" mailer or send it us to "". We will quickly add this site in our list and inform Mozilla and Anti Virus Labs (Avira, ...) about this threat. If you once clicked such a site, it maybe refers you to a dangerous website, where you malicious software will be downloaded. You wont know if you are infected, after once the malware was installed, you will everytime send every people in your contact list a dangerous website link, as the one where you got infected.

How to delete DangerSite.Messenger?

1. Update System

It is always good to update your operating system. Outdated versions offer a very high risk of infections. It is not only important to have a updated operating system, the next step is also important:

2. Latest Virusscanner

For maximum protection, you should always have the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software, to reduce new risks. Often users do not know which virus scanner they should use for their security, because there are so many now available.

2a. Use your Anti Virus Software (recommended Avira Anti Virus)

3. Combat the virus

Now we are going to eliminate the virus


 We recommend:

Load your operating system in the Safe Mode (to load the Safe Mode in  Windows press when loading Windows F8 or click Start => Run => write "msconfig" and click "OK" then press => BOOT.INI "=> crochet at startup options" / SAFEBOOT "), and turn off the System Restore, then make full system scans. Scan all files on your system, and delete all threats found with your Antivirus - and Anti - Spyware program. Then turn on the System Restore and load your operating in normal mode.

For the safety of the virus has been deleted) Download HijackThis down and do a scan with logfile, do also (if possible) a log file of your full system scans and post us to help, by forum or by e-mail to " ". CAUTION: Don´t tick and fix anything without a permit of a  specialist. There is a risk to damage your system

a) Change all your passwords, especially your Chat Client password (Windows Live, ICQ etc.)!
b) Download Malwarebytes Anti Malware, scan and remove all infections found!
c) Download the Avenger and type in the free Box the following script:

Removal Script:

Files to delete:

Registry values to delete:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Windows/AppInit_DLLs

Save the generated Logfile of the Avenger and send it to "".
d) Reinstall your Internet Explorer.

Click here to download the Avenger!

Search the virus/es in the folder/s where the founds were made. It should no longer be found there. If the folders are unimportant remove them. (The folder you are looking for can be hidden. To see hidden folders at Microsoft Windows click on "Tools" => Folder Options' => 'View' => "Show hidden files and folders" to tick off and on "Apply" => "OK" button)

Download the [SYP] Host File Installer to immunize and prevent your computer against this infection!

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